An Overview of Death and Immortality in Islam

The moment of death is the most frightening and yet the most universal reality of the human experience. People have naturally been drawn to questions about death’s finality, and have been curious about the possibility of immortality and an afterlife. Many have expressed their curiosity in attempts to predict the future of humankind and the end of the world. Theologians, philosophers, poets, artists, and even scientists have developed a variety of theories about the future of the human race.


The holy scripture of Islam is unique among the scriptures of world religions in the way that it treats the questions of the afterlife and resurrection. The Qur’an contains a great number of detailed descriptions of stages of the final day and the life to come. This belief in the afterlife is an essential element of Islamic faith. Many chapters of the holy book take their names directly from the concept; verses about the afterlife are scattered throughout the Qur’an. On every page of the holy book, there are direct or indirect verses related to the afterlifeThe scripture contains over 100 terms related to the concept of the afterlife, which constitutes approximately one-third of the Qur’an. One cannot, in fact, be a Muslim without belief in the afterlife: it is one of the six essential articles of faith in Islam.

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