Said Nursi on Muslim-Christian Relation Leading to World Peace

This article examines the views of Bediu ̈zzaman Said Nursi (1876–1960), specifically with regard to Muslim–Christian relations. It elaborates on his view as presented in his commentary on certain qur’anic verses (specifically 2:2 and 5:51), the first of which indicates that the devout are those who believe in both the Islamic and pre-Islamic  revelations, while the second prohibits Muslims from taking Christians and Jews as friends. Nursi’s interpretation is unique among all Islamic commentators. The article also discusses qur’anic texts in light of Nursi’s famous Damascus sermon, in which he strongly advocates Muslim–Christian cooperation. Finally, the article gives examples from the life and writings of Nursi as references for his understanding of Muslim–Christian relations and the possibility of the cause of world peace being advanced through such positive relationships.