The Place of Moses in the Qurʼan and Its Significance for a Jewish-Muslim Dialogue

The figure of Moses constitutes an important link between Jewish and Muslim traditions. Muslims consider him to be one of the five elite prophets of God, his story therefore has a prominent place in the Qurʼan. While there are minor differences, the story of Moses found in the Qurʼan confirms the account of the Torah; the life of Moses thus is considered a model for all Muslims to follow. Though elements of his story are found throughout the Qurʼan, it is in chapter 7 where it is given in its greatest detail. As the focus point of this article, chapter 7 discusses many events in Mosesʼ life, which are important for both Muslims and Jews, and reveals his great importance and Godliness. It also demonstrates how truly similar Islamʼs Moses and Judaismʼs Moses are. Therefore, through an examination of the various elements of the story of Moses as found in the Qurʼan, this article will show how by following him, Jews and Muslims can come together in friendship, harmony and peace. Moses is the common ground on which Jews and Muslims can come together in order to open up a dialogue and further their shared commitment to the worship of the One God.